Free-Of-Charge Essay Writing Apps for Your iPad


Who’d think ten years ago that today technology will make such a stunning leap forward. A decade ago we used dial-up Internet and waited minutes to send a text document to a friend via e-mail. Today we can do it in the twinkle of an eye. A decade ago we spent more time in college libraries than at home. Today in addition to extensive online literature storages we have some writing and proofreading services, spell-checkers, plagiarism analyzers and a plethora of other Web assistants to lend a hand with reports, articles and reviews.

However, time goes on, and now essay writing help is coming from one of the most widely-used tablets worldwide – iPad. From this very moment, you can install various study applications and ascend the art of essay writing to new heights. The following lines will dwell upon five most accomplished (and free!) apps you can download right now. Ready?

How to Write an Essay

Perhaps the most well-thought solution that in 80 complex steps gets you from an essay rookie to a seasoned pro. Step by step you’ll attain all skills and knowledge needed to produce engaging and subject-relevant essays that live up to instructor’s expectations. Descriptive, Narrative, Informative and Persuasive essay writing techniques, printables, quizzes and vocabulary cards are all included in the app.

AWE: Academic Writing in English

Acquire the complete course in academic writing including essays, articles, dissertations and reports. In addition to, the app features a database of samples to consult, when puzzled with a particular researching, writing or editing aspect. Developed by specialists from University College London, it’s a true marvel, especially given it’s free.

IELTS Writing Essay Pro

Preparing for your IELTS exam? Pay undivided attention to this splendid ultra-specific essay writing app that will prepare you to pass the exam in the most comprehensive manner. Every aspect you have to be aware of is depicted in this elegant and simple app, which nevertheless presents a stunning source of reference materials needed to ace the IELTS.

SAT Writing Essay Pro

This noteworthy app doesn’t only provide an extensive amount of writing hints, it also gives out a number of strategies and winning techniques that help succeed with SAT essay writing even if the odds are against you. In addition to, you take advantage of drafting tools, samples and vocabulary guides to tailor your abilities to perfection.

English Essays

Here is the collection of various sample pieces in a vast array of topics. Might be truly handy, if you are stuck not knowing what to do next and how to move the needle on for the writing process. You won’t find any practical how-to’s and ready-made writing tips, however available reference papers suffice enough to boost you mind-gears and let the creativity juices floating once again.

All in all, these were apps you can download for free right now. However, there are as many paid applications, which could supercharge your writing process even more. Pick those you like, install and never experience problems with essay writing again.

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