Applying to College: Most Common Issues


Popular College Application Essay Topics

College application essays are the great way to show the applicant’s abilities, potential and main ambitions regardless of the grades or test scores. In every essay, a student reveals his or her personality and presents an original opinion on certain topics. This helps the admission office in choosing the best candidates among a pile of applicants.

Obviously, most students worry about writing college admission essays, so they search useful strategies, instructions, and examples. Fortunately, the Common App, a college admission application, is gaining popularity around the world as a valuable guide for preparing essays for college application. We consider it advisable to discover the main objectives and activities of this organization.

The Common Application: Working Principles

The Common App is a non-profit organization, the mission of which is to acquaint the applicants with the basics of college admission process, maintain the equal access to colleges and universities, and provide essay prompts. People can use this application to apply to a range of member colleges and universities in the US, Canada, China, and European countries as well. The members include around 100 public higher educational establishments along with 250 universities with no admission fee.

The Common Application shares a variety of essay prompts, which are undoubtedly helpful for the applicants. Those looking for the best place of study may not worry about their essays since this organization constantly monitors the order in the provision of those steers. Recently, the Common App has launched five essay prompts and has stated that they will review new ones every other year. This will enable the admission officers, students, and their families to get to know the importance and impact of topics.

The senior director of the Common Application, Scott Anderson has said that their organization expects the students to facilitate their essay writing process and choose the excellent topic. Since the value of essay prompts is huge, the undergraduates send original and thought-provoking pieces of writing, which is certainly noteworthy.

This year, plenty of college applicants who have used the Common App, have handed in essays concerning their background, individuality, interests or major talents. Last year, for example, people had to describe the most comfortable and inspiring environment or place in their lives. There has been also a number of applicants, who wanted to challenge some ideas or concepts in their works.

The Common App: Favorite Topics for College Admission

By the end of January 2017 there have been around 800,000 students who have taken advantage of the Common Application services. There are five most popular topics for admission essays:

1. A student’s background, personality, interests or talent. Most applicants decided to tell about their individual qualities and preferences in their essays to reveal as much information about their personalities as possible.

2. The most influential event in life. Around 22% students opted for such a topic to show how much influence can have the particular event on life, ambitions, objectives and achievements.

3. The value of failures. Some applicants have described the greatest failures in their experience, and their consequences.

4. A solution to a problem. This brand new essay prompt was supported by 10% of applicants. They chose an important issue and provided sufficient argument and solutions.

5. Challenging the idea or concept. This is the least popular topic out of five. The students noted whether they have ever tried to contest some beliefs.

In some cases, the institutions require using the Common App only. However, most colleges and universities around the globe do not mind combining this application with their own ones.

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