Should I Be a Writer?


There are millions of books published every year. Some of them are rather good and interesting to read, others are boring and have no value, but only a few are bestsellers that get attention from media and readers, get translated to different languages and become popular all over the world.

This is the fame of those bestsellers that encourages many people of different ages to try their writing skills and create scripts, novels and poetry. Unfortunately, most of these works are rejected by publishing editors. Only one in a thousand scripts may have a chance to be printed and sent to the stores.

So how should a person decide if writing is worth spending time for?

Well, first of all, Writer is not an occupation, it is a mission. You must feel that you need to express yourself, have something to say to your readers.

No, you don’t need to quit your job and devote all your time to writing only. You can be an accountant during the day and a bestselling author during the night. Many famous novelists used to write just for fun until someone encouraged them to show the world their genius.

Don’t be afraid. An issue every writer has to fight is the fear of failure. The Internet where anyone can display his or her work anonymously is a perfect solution to this problem. is an example of such an opportunity. An author can place a novel or script and get readers’ opinions and evaluations. This is a great way to find out if your writing is worth something. In addition, this website gives you a possibility to read the works of other authors and learn from their examples.

If you want to become a writer, you don’t have to be a traditional one. Don’t try to create prose right away. Start with something smaller. Who said writing an advertising script isn’t art? You still need talent to do this well, and it’s a piece of writing as well. You can even write small phrases for postcards. Short and right to the point, they are really difficult to come up with and easily can give you popularity on the Internet.

There are many talented authors in this world. However, not all of them are writing books or albums. Some writers decide to help others in the ways they can and apply their knowledge in essays, dissertations, theses, course works and other assignments. Such writers work for. They are proficient in 139 academic subjects and have experience working with all kind of tasks. I’ve read their papers and was amazed by their writing skills. You also may use such opportunity to start writing.

And my final advice to you, if you really want to become a writer – work! Don’t let anything stop you. Work every day. You may not have a desire to create, but you can read works of other writers. Study their writing styles and approaches. Develop a habit of learning something new every day. Travel at least twice a month. You don’t have to go abroad, just visit a place you’ve never been before, meet new people and ask for their stories. Explore this world, and it will inspire you to create masterpieces!

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