3 Ways to Write a Thesis Statement


What is a thesis statement? The thesis statement is a short piece of text containing one or two sentences, which appears in the introductory paragraph of a paper. Its main feature is to present the major point of your essay, dissertation, or research paper in a few sentences. The thesis statement comprises the clear purpose of your piece of writing and will be explained with arguments and examples in the main body.

Many students find it hard to create an effective thesis statement since it must grab the attention of the audience. Because this sentence is difficult to formulate, we have prepared three interesting ways to compose it easily and quickly.

Writing a Thesis Statement: The First Step

At the very beginning, you should outline your thesis statement. Here are a few things that worth considering:

1. Ask yourself a question.

When you start working on your piece of writing, ask the most important question concerning your paper and try to find an extended answer. This question will serve as your approximate thesis statement.

2. The thesis should correspond to the type of paper.

Depending on what kind of academic paper you are writing, you will compose your thesis statement. If the essay is argumentative, you want to challenge an idea or theory to examine it on your own. Or, if your paper is analytical, your main purpose is to examine some sort of things.

3. Note the efficiency of the thesis.

If you want to impress your readers, try to write a strong and understandable issue in your thesis statement.

4. Create something new.

People have read plenty of various facts and ideas, and discovering something fresh and thought-provoking has the real value for everyone. Try to find the unusual way to explain your topic with a stunning thesis statement.

5. Provide proofs.

Make sure you can provide interesting examples, as well as suitable examples, to describe your thesis statement later.

Writing a Thesis Statement: The Second Step

When writing a thesis statement, remember a few necessary things:

1. State your thesis statement correctly.

The role of a thesis statement is huge since it presents the main aim of any academic paper. It is the most important idea or problem that you focus on in your work, so take the time to create it.

2. Use persuasive language.

In a thesis statement, use strong words and collocations to put emphasis on the value of your piece of writing.

3. Find the right location.

In most cases, people place the thesis statement at the end of the first paragraph, but it can be noticed a few more times in the introduction.

4. Only one or two sentences.

Remember: your thesis statement must be concise, so try to present your position in a couple of sentences.

Writing a Thesis Statement: The Third Step

After you write a thesis statement, it’s time to work on your paper:

1. Select the topic you like and examine it.

In our modern world, there are so many entertaining issues to explore, that you will find your perfect topic really quickly. Just think what interests you the most and start your work!

After you have chosen a topic, examine the subject area to which it belongs, and read as much information as you can to be deeply involved in it.

2. Think about the type and purpose of your paper.

The thesis statement is used in almost every kind of academic papers, so learn more about the features of your academic paper.

3. Form an excellent structure.

A structure of your piece of writing should be written properly, according to the recent standards, and contain the introduction, the main body, and conclusion.

4. Write down your paper.

The last step for you today is to write a paper with all the instructions, then proofread and edit where necessary.

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