Writing Term Paper in a Couple of Days: Myth or Truth?


Probably the best way and scenario for your A+ paper would be starting writing in the day you were assigned the task. Accomplishing it earlier – revise it better twice or even more. Certainly, it sounds boring and doesn’t ring true for majority of students. However, if you’ve procrastinated your term paper writing until the moment when only miracle can help you – don’t panic, all isn’t lost!

Grab any topic you find interesting

You’ve got no time to think whether the topic you are choosing is acute enough and will resonate with the academic community. Plus, choosing such topic needs much time, which you don’t have at all. So, find something compelling for you and count on cards or on the way you will present the topic.

Do research staying inside

Finding sources for term paper writing usually takes days, some of them you would spend in the library. But when a due date is looming, you can’t spend time on the way to the library. So, stay where you are, switch the computer on and beat the bag out internet resources.

But don’t take everything and anything. First, look for recommended books online. You have a chance to find print document that you need in electronic form. Then browse through the websites which are sure to have valid information. It goes about “edu” and “gov” domains or sites belonging to your university.

Have a core question to answer

It may sound illogical, but formulating core term paper question after research may be more productive than doing vice versa. With much information you’ve obtained through investigation, you can come up with a good thesis statement idea easier and quicker. The only rule to follow is: your thesis statement should take no more than two sentences and state the purpose of the paper.

Write an outline

It may seem a waste of time, especially when submission date is moving in. But, in fact, writing term paper outline is like having a map of an unexplored territory. Once you’ve got it, you know what direction to go.

Do it! Write your paper!

Now put all your findings and thoughts together. Divide your term paper into several chapters, each one fulfilling its function. Make all parts be logically connected with each other. At the same time mind language style and tone that should be consistent throughout the term paper, otherwise it may seem that you’ve just designed your paper of different parts.

Edit, even if you are pressed for time

Revise everything written thoroughly. If you omit this stage, you risk having a lower mark because of minor typos. You may have little to say on the topic, but at least it will be perfectly written.

When you have your paper done, you will learn that writing it at the nick of time is possible though troublesome.

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