Read the Privacy Policy and Avoid Misunderstandings

PRIVACY POLICY. The Privacy Policy is a legal document, and it consists of the provisions that control your and our behaviors during the usage of the website and any connected services offered. The scope of this document covers relations concerning only privacy. If you accept to be bound legally by the document, you make an agreement with us. Opening this website in any browser on any device you immediately agree to the provisions and become legally bound by the document. If you don’t give consent to the terms described in the Privacy Policy and don’t want to be bound by them, we ask you not to make orders and leave the website.

General Provisions

Our aim is to provide you with the best possible services and to improve the experience of the website, and it requires a procedure of identification. For that reason we also collect some particular details. Accepting this Privacy Policy you express your consent with the goal of collecting your information details and acknowledge that it is legitimate and specified adequately. In addition you agree to provide accurate and up-to-date information during the interaction with the website. We never gather the details about you without the prior consent given by you.

You provide us with the following details:

  • Concerning forms, questionnaires and surveys
  • Given through communication with the support team
  • Concerning your personal identification

We never collect your details concerning:

  • Sexual orientation
  • Political views
  • Religious and philosophical beliefs
  • Health conditions (physical or mental)
  • Criminal convictions

Details we get while you browse our website. When you visit the page of our website from a device with the use of a browser, we automatically collect the information about access time, the type of your browser and operating system. In any case, we can’t identify your person by means of these details. The reason why we need it is to improve the content and better the use of the website.

Details we collect while you buy our services.  If you are interested not only in the browsing our website, but also in making orders, the following information will be collected: email, a telephone number, some details of your credit card (its type, first and last names, last 4 digits), and a copy of the driver’s license or national ID. Your email is used to report you about the status of the order. Besides, you will receive notifications about special offer, discounts and promotion materials by email or SMS.

Cookie Files. We use cookies in order to make your experience efficient and optimized. Read the Cookie Policy if you want to learn more.

Ways of Communication. We do our best to follow the highest standards of the quality, for that reason we collect your details. If you happen to find that the information or the way we collect it is unsuitable, we strongly recommend you to inform us. Please write the email where you should accurately describe your complains.

Final Provisions

On the website we use the SSL-certificate that guarantees the full confidentially and the safety of the transactions submitted through these forms. No third parties will have access to your personal information, as our staff is well – trained and use the latest technologies and reliable software.
This Privacy Policy document provides a complete understanding between you and us. Third party doesn’t receive any legal rights from this document; any obligations to any third party aren’t given by any provision of the Privacy Policy.